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日本じゃなく、第三国やアメリカから見た視点でのニュースを読みたかったので、CNNとかBBCとかLA Timesのサイトを見ていたんだけど、それでも、もう賞賛の嵐。ってか、呼んでて涙出てきた。

It was the most gut-wrenching, most emotional and most dramatic final in the history of the Women's World Cup.

It produced the most surprising, most gloriously happy and most deserving world champion women's soccer has yet seen.

Sentimental favorite Japan stuns betting favorite U.S. in Women's World Cup final

For Japan, this was more than a soccer game. It was an opportunity to prove on a global stage that a country devastated four months ago by a killer earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe still possessed the heart and soul of a fierce competitor. also allowed a beaten-down nation to declare to the world that it was no longer just a victim.

Women's World Cup was more than a game for Japan

"They're playing for something bigger and better than the game," the American goalkeeper said in a conference call prior to the match. "When you are playing with so much heart, that's hard to play against."

Maiden World Cup crown for Japan's women