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Tweets from Japan (EN)

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  • At today's morning assembly, my boss said "No matter what happens to Japan now, do not make worried faces and do not forget the hospitality to your customers and make them feel comfortable, no matter what." I was kind of touched by this. I guess I'll work harder. The store is now open!!
  • US Forces named its Japan aid initiative Operation Tomodachi (Operation Friends). I was touched -also by the fact that they didn't make a big deal of announcing it. Thank you for all your hard work in the afflicted areas.
  • "How come your hair's straight today? I told you I like your hair curled." "I know, but this was the only way I could do to save electricity." A conversation between a young couple on the train. The entire Japan is thinking about what they can do to help out, that's what I felt and tears came to my eyes. Yay, Mai-chan!
  • There was an open letter at the bulletin board. “What would you do if you happened to find a convenience store that is dark without power and everybody had run away, so that you can swipe whatever you want?” Somebody answered “ I would hang around butt naked” Many people offered thumbs up. We are stupid but we are still powerful enough to joke on it.
  • I saw a little boy saying “Thank you very much for putting the vest effort to operate trains yesterday. The station staff was weeping. I couldn’t help but cry.

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This country rocks.